Physical Sciences Break 1.0 seeks to address the challenges in Physical Sciences in the Schools. It also encourages students in grades 10-11-12 to use Blogs  and APPS and Social networks in learning Physical Sciences  subject at the comfort of their gadgets. est 05 April 2013. Contributions ,comments and questions are welcomed .Author CT MAIMELA

“We all heard about the story of Newton’s pleasant experience with a falling apple. It may not be the first time that the great man saw something falling in his life; it certainly was not the first time he saw a falling apple either. An idea, however, dawned upon Sir Isaac Newton when he saw that particular apple falling off a tree in his back garden. It changed the way people perceived the world around them for ever: the theory of gravitation was born”.  source  picture by http://www.vivaxsolutions.com.



2015-2018 MIEE

Follow the links to view the articles.

1. Recognized as global leader in using technology to transform education.

2. MIEExpert Spotlight #14: Chipa Maimela talks about the importance of ICT in taking science content to under-resourced schools.

3.Developers in Google Play located in the region of South Africa: 1map

MIE Expert Certificate

2014/2015 Limpopo Department of Education National Teacher Award Excellence in Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning Award

2014 ISPA Super Teacher Finalist SA

2013/2014 ISPA Super Teacher Special Award Winner SA

2013 Microsoft Innovative Educator SA

2013 Microsoft Expert Educator SA

2013/2014  Limpopo Department of Education National Teacher Award Excellence in Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning Award

10806419_378047799024629_3347364090702334634_n (1)


Schoolnetsa 2013         http://www.schoolnetsa.blogspot.co.za/2013/07/schoolnet-conference-2013
SABEC SOUTH AFRICAN BASIC EDUCATION CONFERENCE 2014        http://www.education-conference.co.za
GAFESUMMIT SOUTH AFRICA                                    http://za.gafesummit.com
EDTECH SUMMIT SOUTH AFRICA (JANEFURSE) 2014                http://www.edtechsummitsouthafrica.com


A clip taken from Mmipe Mokgehle (SA 2013 Greatest mentor) on schoolnetsa 2013

To whom it may concern

This is to certify that I have known Chipa Thomas Maimela in the SchoolNetSA ICT workshop organised for PIL- Network Innovative Educators earlier this year and went to the ICT Conference in Bloemfontain for a week together.

Chipa proved himself an ICT asset in many ways. He actually was already higly competent in the use of ICT when I meet him. He was able to get a 1st runner – up position in SchoolNetSA and Microsoft Educator – Expect Pil – network in Bloemfontain and there after in a very shop space of time Chipa managed to submit a good project for Stars in Education Award.

At the present moment Chipa is awaiting the Provincial results of NTA (National Teaching Award) 2013 Excellence in ICT Teaching and Learning).

Against the background given above I strongly recommend Chipa for any Responsibity in the ICT arena

Yours faithfully
Mokgehle MG
(Nation’s Greatest Mentor)

A clip taken from Fiona Wallace 2014 SABEC

“Another of the ISPA finalists, Chipa Maimela, was invited to SABEC 2014 to present his project in a poster session. CoZa Cares agreed to sponsor his attendance as well. Again, how wonderful to be working with such an innovative teacher! Here is a link to his blog containing stunning digital science materials for schools:


Warm regards
Fiona Wallace
CEO: CoZa Cares Foundation
Dream a dream so big that it scares you. If it doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth it.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  1. mmele sekhaolelo says:

    Sir Maimela!
    Where were you all along thanx I got an email from you. Awesome work indeed, please continue to keep me posted

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ruth Letsoalo says:

    Will u connect me with someone who is into developing strategies to improve the teaching and learning of natural science .


    • CT MAIMELA says:

      I am at present working on Natural Sciences but on the material development level and I am afraid i have little contacts unless you search online for Articles and their developers based on your request.


  3. Tebogo mathabela says:

    I’ve doin physical science 4 2year and its nt tough its a very simple n good subject


  4. Michael says:

    Good work


  5. Florence Taljaard says:

    Fantastic site. Thank you, it is so helpful

    Liked by 1 person

  6. wow, this site just made my work simple. thanks guys

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